The tourist returned the “cursed artifacts” stolen from Pompeii

The tourist returned the artifacts stolen from Pompeii, thinking that they bring her misfortune.

The Canadian sent a package containing two mosaic tiles, pieces of an amphora and a piece of pottery to a travel agent in Pompeii, southern Italy, along with a plea letter.

Nicole was in her early 20s when she visited the archaeological park there in 2005. 15 years later, she decided that a series of problems that had plagued her all these years were related to the theft of ancient artifacts.

“Please take the items back, they bring misfortune,” she wrote.

The woman added that she had learned her lesson and asked “forgiveness from God.”

“I am now 36 years old and have had breast cancer twice,” she admitted. – The last time it ended with a double mastectomy. My family and I also had financial problems. We are good people, and I do not want to pass this curse on my loved ones. ”

She explained her theft by the desire to have a piece of history that no one else has, but the relics, she said, had “a lot of negative energy … associated with this land.”

Pompeii was buried under volcanic ash after the disastrous eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. e.
Nicole is not the only one who repented and confessed to the crime. There was another confession letter from a Canadian couple, as well as several stones stolen from the site in 2005.

“We took them without thinking about the pain and suffering that poor people experienced during the eruption of Vesuvius and a terrible death,” they wrote. – We regret. Please forgive us for this terrible act. May their souls rest in peace. ”

Over the years, so many stolen items have been returned to the site that a museum has been created for them.

But some thieves have tried to sell “parts of Pompeii” online. In 2015, a stone recovered from the ruins in 1958 was listed on eBay.

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