The voice in his head made an American richer by $100,000

A resident of the United States listened to the voice in his head and won $ 100,000.

A resident of the American city of Sykesville, Maryland, hit the jackpot in the lottery after a quiet voice in his head advised him to buy a ticket.

Nolan Steele, 78, said he was about to leave the store where he was chatting with a friend when a quiet voice in his head advised him to stay and make a small purchase — buying an instant lottery ticket.

“I don’t know where it came from, but I’m happy I listened to it. I knew something good was going to happen,” the retiree stressed.

Steele wiped the protective layer off the ticket and scanned it to check the result. It turned out that he was $100,000 richer. The man went to the headquarters of the lottery in Baltimore and took the prize.

The American said that he planned to paint a house on the money he received. The rest of the winnings Steele will give his wife, with which is married for 43 years.

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