Unexplained miracles, of which few have heard

Throughout history, the world has experienced many inexplicable miracles and phenomena. Rumors about healings, visions of religious figures, sacred relics, performing incredible things, captivate people to this day. Many of these phenomena science is not able to explain, they remain mystic. All this confuses skeptics and amazes believers. In any case, these stories are worthy of being told.

Saint Clelia Barbieri

Clelia Barbieri was born in Italy in 1874. She helped found the women’s monastic congregation “The Little Sisters of the Virgin Mary of the Grieving” and in her 23 years was a very influential person. Unfortunately, she soon died of leukemia. However, before her death Clelia said to her followers: “Be brave, I go to heaven, but I will always be with you, I will never leave you.” A year after her death, during the singing of sisters, a high voice filled the church, merging with their voices. Since then, her voice has always echoed them in prayers. They say that Clelia’s voice to this day can be heard in the walls of her church.

Martin de Porres

Martin de Porres was a simple man who worked, like all the poor and sick people of Peru. During his lifetime, he was credited with many miracles: levitation, magical healing and the ability to stay in two places at the same time. For example, in 1956, a man fell on his foot a cobblestone and crushed a bone. He started gangrene and found hepatitis. The doctors were about to amputate the leg, but one woman prayed over her all night. The next day, when the bandages were removed, the leg was not recognized. There was no longer any need for amputation.

Heart failure Michael Crowe

In his 23 years, Michael Crowe suffered from a disease called acute myocarditis. His heart functioned only 10 percent, and it harmed the whole body. Transplantation was necessary, otherwise he could not survive. However, doctors categorically excluded the possibility of transplantation, considering it too risky. An hour after the doctors’ decision, his blood pressure rose, and a little later the left chamber of his heart started working independently. An MRI scan showed that there is not a single scar on the heart. Now the young man has already discharged from the hospital and is completely healthy.

19-year-old coma

In 2007, Jan Grziskisi woke up from a 19-year-old coma and found that Poland was no longer under communist rule and that everyone now has a mobile phone. But the most surprising is that he was able to survive such a long-term coma, because the doctors said that he will live no more than a few years. Jan believes that it is the merit of his wife, who all these years took care of him and moved his body for several hours a day, so that he avoided decubitus.

Miracle in Lanciano

In the 7th century AD, a monk in the Italian town of Lanciano doubted the doctrine of transubstantiation (the Catholic doctrine that the wine and bread of believers are the blood and body of the Lord). Once, when he read the words of transubstantiation, wine and bread really turned into blood and meat. He told other monks about it, then these blood and meat were placed in a special container and still are a relic for Catholics.

Mysterious voice

In 2005, Lynn Jennifer Grossback failed to manage, and her car fell into the river, flew off the road. In the backseat was a half-year-old daughter of a young woman. Lynn died instantly, and the girl hung headfirst over the icy water, but was still alive. She spent 12 hours. The four policemen who arrived at the scene of the accident assure that they heard a distant voice asking for help. Finding a little girl, they saved her. No one understands how she could survive in such an accident.

Church heals cancer

At 57, Greg Thomas learned that he had cancer of the last stage. He lost his job and was ready to say goodbye to his family, not hoping to get out. Once he was walking with a dog and came across an abandoned church. Not knowing what to do with himself, he decided to restore this church and asked the city for material assistance in exchange for the fact that he would independently restore the temple. After the church was restored, it turned out that the disease had receded.

Virgin of Guadalupe

The apparitions of the Virgin Mary happened throughout the whole world history, in 1531 it appeared to the Mexican peasant Juan Diego. The Mother of God told him to ask the bishop to build a temple. Diego went to the bishop, but he did not believe him and demanded evidence. Then the Virgin Mary told Diego to pick roses on a barren hill and lay them down in her cloak. Having done so, he carried these roses to the bishop, and, unfolding his cloak, saw there the image of the Virgin. This portrait is in excellent condition preserved to our days.

St. Joseph of Copertino

St. Joseph of Copertino liked to levitate. They say he challenged the earth’s gravity more than seventy times, he had to restrain himself to stay on the ground. Today he is considered the patron of aviators.

Immortal bodies

Catholics and Orthodox Greeks believe that the bodies of some saints do not decompose, or their decay slows down, thanks to divine intervention. Embalmed or mummified bodies can not be considered imperishable, those who achieve this status are often put on display.

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