1950: UFO crash landing in Argentina

At the time of the accident, Dr. Bott was 40 years old. He was well educated and respected by all who knew him. He was a former military pilot and aviation engineer. In 1950, he worked as an architectural engineer for a well-known company in Caracas. The job took him to Argentina on a major construction project when he became involved in the strangest event of his life.

Botta was driving along a highway about seventy-five miles from his hotel in a secluded area known as Bahia Blanca when he saw a metal disc-shaped object standing on the grass not far from the road. He stopped his car to observe the object for a few minutes to see what would happen. Seeing no sign of movement, he decided to get even closer to the unknown object. From this vantage point he saw an opening or doorway in the side of the object. He decided to go inside.

At first it seemed empty inside the object, except for a flashing red light in the domed top. As he walked further inside, he saw a curved couch with four seats; three of them were occupied by small creatures about 1.2 meters tall in gray, tight-fitting jumpsuits. The three little creatures sat in front of a control panel. It consisted of lights, gauges, and meters of various types.

Standing behind them, Botta could not resist the urge to touch one of the little creatures. When he did, he felt a hard, charred texture. The three strange creatures were dead! In an instant he jumped out of the saucer, got in his car, and raced down the highway. When he arrived at the hotel, he told his two closest friends about his strange experience. The group of men took their weapons and decided to return to the place where he had seen the UFO. However, it was almost dark and the area was so deserted that they changed their minds and decided to go looking the next morning.

Early the next day, early in the morning, Botta and his friends arrived directly to the site of the previous day’s unusual encounter, but no ship was there. There was only a pile of ashes in the spot the object had occupied. One of the men scooped up some. Immediately his hand turned purple and remained so for several days. The three men, discouraged by the object’s absence, began to look around the area for other evidence of its landing.

One of the men looked up and saw three objects in the sky.

One, the largest of the three, was cigar-shaped and the two smaller objects were disk-shaped. Soon the two smaller objects joined the cigar-shaped flying object. All three objects became one, turned blood red, and quickly disappeared from view.

Later, Dr. Botta gave a more detailed account of his observations on the day of the incident. He recalled seeing vents or holes in the floor of the object. Above the control panel was a transparent sphere that rotated. The stiffness of the aliens’ skin indicated to him that they had died as a result of an accident or malfunction. He was also struck by the structure of the walls of the ship, which were metallic in appearance but “rubbery” in feel.

Immediately after the encounter, Dr. Botta became ill with a fever and his skin was covered with blisters. Doctors were unable to determine the cause of both ailments. The symptoms continued for several weeks. The test showed no signs of radiation.

Botta kept the details of his strange encounter a secret, except for his two companions, Horacio Gonzalez G. and Leon Stringfield.

Dr. Enrique Caretenuto Botta, told his incredible story to Horacio Gonzalez in Caracas at a UFO conference in 1955.

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