A group of UFO transformers observed in the skies over Newcastle in the UK

On March 13, 2021, a local resident noticed strange black objects moving rapidly at low altitude during the daytime.

An eyewitness managed to record the flight of one UFO, but when analyzing this video, you can see another UFO, which goes in the opposite direction from the first, with a descent.

I think this video is awesome! Do you know why? It doesn’t matter that the smartphone camera was unable to capture UFOs flying far away in great detail, the main thing is that for the first time we can see with our own eyes exactly how these UFOs fly, which I usually call “UFO transformers”.

But, in addition, these UFOs recorded on March 13, they differ even from the UFO transformers that we saw before. This is something new that can be figuratively compared to “living mercury”.

Pay attention – the object has a pronounced spherical shape, the color is dark, but with reflections, which made me associate with mercury.

See how it flies! The object is literally stretched and reassembled into a ball, and so on every “jump”. Here it is a complete ball, then it stretches out making a dash forward, gathers back into a ball and again stretches out pushing itself forward in the airspace.

But how fast he does it! This is either a living alien creature, or alien robots comparable to “liquid metal” or intelligent matter. It’s simple – awesome!

Newcastle is an industrial city on the north-east coast of England. The administrative center of the ceremonial county of Tyne and Wear. In the past it was the county seat of Northumberland. Located along the left bank of the Tyne River, just above its confluence with the North Sea.

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