A huge UFO flew in the sky over the U.S. state of Michigan

Residents of the city of Grand Rapids reported that last Friday at about 10 pm in the sky above the city for 15 minutes there was observed the flight of a very large and unusual object similar to a comet, but this similarity was given only by a kind of “tail” behind, but the object itself was a cigar with lights on the sides and making an unusual hum during the flight.

The object was heading west and was much lower than what appeared in the pictures, as witnesses clarified. Inside the object, witnesses saw about 20 large lights, dark blue in color, and two bright lights on each side of the object.

The shape of the object is described as “cigar-shaped” or “rectangular.”

Grand Rapids is a city in the northern United States in Michigan and is the second largest city in Michigan and the first largest in the western part of the state. It is located on the Grand River, which flows into Lake Michigan.

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I’m curious where this picture was taken. I saw it that day as well and just found your site.

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