A local man filming the Florida storm captured an unusual UFO streaking across the sky

A vacationer on a Florida beach couldn’t believe his eyes when he captured a super-fast UFO streaking across the sky at an incredible speed while filming a storm.

The amazing moment reportedly happened while Carmen Rich was vacationing in Fort Lauderdale with his family. Standing next to his half-sister Jennifer at the moment when a thunderstorm broke out over the water, the young man decided to film the meteorological phenomenon on his cell phone. However, he saw something much more surprising: an unusual object flying across the sky, causing him to exclaim: “Wow, did you see that?”.

“It was the fastest thing I’d ever seen in my entire life,” Rich later recalled, “and if it was flying at that speed, it should have made some kind of sound, but it didn’t.

The young man noted that the speed of the unidentified object could be compared to an airplane, which was also in the sky during the storm and flew much slower than the anomalous object. Rich went on to say that after he saw the UFO, he immediately stopped filming, “because I wanted to check if I really saw it. I wondered if I was crazy,” and noted that “to my eyes it appeared much larger in size than the camera captured.” The camera shows a small glowing object, but it looked much bigger in person.”

The young man admitted that what he saw scared him: “I was really scared that night.

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