A UFO appeared during an air show in Great Britain

During the Red Arrows Riviera Air Show in Torbay, United Kingdom, spectators were puzzled by a strange object that flew through the middle of a line of fighters. The photographer who filmed the flight photographed the object and estimated that it was traveling at a speed of at least 1610 km/h.

The photographer was not the only one who noticed a strange black object as the Red Arrows flew. Emma Smith was also at the show on Saturday and noticed something strange in the sky when she started looking through her photos after noon.

Not long ago, the U.S. acknowledged the existence of UFOs, with the Pentagon renaming the phenomenon UAP to break logical relationships. The Americans acknowledged that there are objects in the sky demonstrating characteristics unattainable for human aircraft, but at the same time these objects continue to be called “aerial anomalous phenomena” and not flying vehicles of another civilization.

Nevertheless, there is plenty of evidence that we are not alone in the universe. Recent studies have shown that there may be billions of planets in our galaxy on which life is possible, and there are a huge number of recorded (including officially) UFO sightings, which cannot be explained by ordinary “natural phenomena”.

Many scientists and experts believe that we should openly investigate this topic and find answers to questions about a possible alien presence.

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