A UFO was observed over the capital of Chile

A mysterious object hovered over Santiago for two hours. The object, emitted a blinding white light before flying away at high speed and completely silently.

The video was taken by Hugo Franzani, a retired Chilean realtor and amateur photographer, from his family’s backyard in the Santiago suburb of Las Condes.

He said the pulsating white light emitted by the object was as bright as a camera flash, and that it also sporadically emitted blue, green and red light.

Franzani said that when he saw the UFO in the sky to the west, he grabbed his phone and began filming — but in three of the four videos he shot, although the sound worked, the video came out completely black and only one video showed the object.

Franzani, an experienced amateur photographer, said he had never had this problem with his phone before or since.

The object in the two-minute video at one point seemed to disappear for a moment and then reappear, flaring with intense light.

Franzani said that when the light on the object went out, he was able to make out its shape, “like a cigar,” with what looked like “tiny headlights” on the sides.

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