Aliens could colonize the galaxy without starships.

In the search for signs of extraterrestrial civilizations, scientists have discovered an interesting theory proposed by Russian researcher Irina K. Romanovskaya. She suggested that extraterrestrial civilizations may colonize the galaxy without possessing starships. Instead, they might use free-floating planets – celestial objects not bound by gravity to any star.

This theory is of great interest among scientists because building a huge starship capable of carrying everything a crew needs is a very expensive and complicated process. But if extraterrestrial civilizations can indeed use free-floating planets, it could be a revolutionary discovery in space exploration.

What are free-floating planets?

Free-floating planets are celestial objects that have planetary mass but are not gravitationally bound to any star. They can be in free flight in the space between stars. For the first time such planets were discovered in 1995, and since then scientists have been actively studying their properties and capabilities.

Possibilities of using free-floating planets

If extraterrestrial civilizations can indeed use free-floating planets to colonize the galaxy, it opens up huge opportunities for them. Here are some of them:

1. limitless resources: Free-floating planets may contain vast reserves of resources such as minerals, gases, and water. Extraterrestrial civilizations can use these resources for their needs and even to establish new settlements.

2. Mobility: With free flight, free-floating planets can move around the galaxy and explore new territories. This allows extraterrestrial civilizations to find new resources and expand their territory.

3. Shelter from dangers: Free-floating planets can provide shelter from dangers such as asteroids or solar flares. Extraterrestrial civilizations can use these planets as safe bases or safe havens.

4. Environmental Sustainability: Free-floating planets may have unique environmental conditions that may be more suitable for life than star-bound planets. Extraterrestrial civilizations may use these planets as new homes for their inhabitants.

However, not all scientists agree with Irina K. Romanovskaya’s theory. Some believe that using free-floating planets to colonize the galaxy is an impractical and unlikely scenario.

“We can’t rule out the possibility that extraterrestrial civilizations could use free-floating planets, but it requires them to have enormous resources and technological advances,” says astronomy professor John Smith.

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