Aliens may have discovered Earth after the heyday of modern civilization

Scientists from Cornell University and the American Museum of Natural History in the United States have found that aliens could have discovered Earth after the heyday of modern civilization. Experts have compiled a list of 2034 nearby star systems from which you could detect Earth’s civilization.

The researchers say it is a relatively short space distance of 326 light years, separating Earth from the 1,715 star clusters of most interest to scientists.

Aliens from 319 star systems may have learned of Earth’s existence about 5,000 years ago.

The study’s author, astronomy professor Lisa Kaltenegger, says it’s crucial to find out which star systems have a vantage point to see our planet. This position is gained and lost again as Earth revolves around the sun.

The catalog of 2034 systems contains information on seven exoplanets that astronomers consider extremely important. Each of these worlds could have discovered the Earth we inhabit.

If intelligent life is present on them, they could observe the Earth and see chemical reactions in its atmosphere indicating that the planet has life forms.

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