An amateur astronomer observed a UFO in the us state of Wisconsin

What happened that night is interesting, first of all, because a person who has been fond of astronomy for many years witnessed the appearance of a UFO, in addition, he is fond of airplanes and even has 40 hours of flight in a private jet, and he was also very skeptical about the UFO topic.

Here’s what he writes:

I can’t believe I’m typing this. I feel very strange about this. I was skeptical about the UFO topic and made fun of people who talked about seeing these UFOs with their own eyes ..

I live in Wisconsin between Milwaukee and Madison. I have a large veranda at home with a wonderful 180-degree view of the sky. I was glad it was a relatively clear and warm night because I enjoy watching the sky at night whenever I can. I enjoy observing satellites and planes, memorizing stars and observing meteors.

Tonight I tracked several planes in the sky and checked their movements on FlightRadar. My veranda overlooks a small prairie with no trees, so I have a very uninterrupted view of the sky. I was looking to the left (west) when, out of the corner of my right eye, I saw a black object hovering over the prairie.

It looked matte black and was triangular in shape. It reminded me of the shape of a piece of cheese cut with a wedge, but flatter.

The UFO was about 300 meters long and about 10 meters high. Honestly, it was difficult to determine its size by eye.

It made no noise and moved very smoothly. It seemed that he was not flying, but sliding. It was facing west (to my left) and was moving in the same direction.

When I started to see it with a quarter view, I saw three lights on its top, each separated by a vertical black line. I saw the bottom of this thing shine with a metallic sheen for a moment.

After it flew farther away from me, it began to rotate right around its longitudinal axis.

I felt a nausea in my stomach from the moment I saw this. It was difficult for me to understand what I was seeing and to accept that I was really seeing it. The dog probably also saw a UFO, because it literally went crazy and howled incessantly.

I am obsessed with aviation, I have 40 flight hours, I track planes all the time and I am an avid bird watcher. I know how terrestrial flying machines or living things should move in our atmosphere, and this UFO was definitely not from our world.

I made some sketches of what I saw. I’m a terrible artist, but I tried my best.

I feel stupid because I was thinking of pulling out my cell phone, but it was so strange looking at this UFO that I didn’t want to take my eyes off it.

I don’t think my cell phone could take it off in the dark. The entire meeting lasted about 30 seconds.

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