UFOs: Nuclear Weapons as a Decoy and Hypothesis for the Control System of Mankind

This hypothesis was expressed by the famous scientist and ufologist Dr. Jacques Vallee. Like many of his colleagues, he started out as a proponent of the extraterrestrial UFO hypothesis, but after carefully studying the available data, he eventually began to propose other solutions to the UFO problem.

In 1969, Dr. Valle published a book, Passport to Magonia, in which he pointed to a striking structural similarity between folklore myths and modern UFO descriptions.

Vallee’s discoveries have been controversial and largely overlooked by more “traditional” ufologists who tend to interpret this phenomenon simply as alien spaceships arriving from other planets.

Dr. Vallee has repeatedly stated that “would be disappointed if UFOs turn out to be nothing more than spaceships.”

Vallee argues that proponents of the standard ETH are mostly analyzing UFOs at the wrong level. As an alternative theory, he suggested that UFOs and associated anomalous phenomena could represent some form of “human mind control system.” But what exactly did he mean?

Vallee’s hypothesis is detailed in the book “Dimensions”. “To understand the whole phenomenon,” he writes, “you need to understand the concept of control.” He explains that a control system needs two opposing principles and illustrates his point by analogy with a thermostat.

Thermostats that regulate the temperature in your home in summer and winter are an example of a control system. In summer, the thermostat allows the air to heat up to a certain limit, and then the cooling system is triggered. But in winter, when the outside atmosphere becomes cold and the temperature drops below another limit, another mechanism comes into play – the heater, which warms the house.

Vallee, suggests that this phenomenon regulates human cultural development within certain predetermined boundaries in our environment. Only when one of the control limits is reached will intervention be activated. The dual nature of the system is difficult to grasp, but Vallee says it is the key to understanding the UFO problem in its entirety.

The naive observer may try to explain all this by assuming that heat is “good” and cold is “bad.” He or she would be right half the time. Another naive observer of the opposite school might have looked at it differently and decided that warmth is “evil.” He or she would also be right half the time.

Linking this concept directly to his own research, Vallee explains that he found “as many rational elements as absurd” and “as many that he could call friendly as he could call hostile.”

Vallee describes a frighteningly immoral system that embodies an equal amount of goodwill and hostility towards our species.

In reality, however, they can act in accordance with ethical principles completely incomprehensible to the human mind.

This may explain why many observations seem to be “a real celebration of the absurd,” as Aimé Michel wrote in The Problem of Contactlessness.

The most vivid exposition of Vallee’s theories on this aspect of the phenomenon can be found in a little-known interview that I discovered a few months ago. I decided to reproduce large passages of it below because it explains his control system hypothesis.

A big breakthrough in Dr. Valle’s thinking came when he realized “that the UFO phenomenon is not a system.” He writes that people are usually excellent at researching systems, whether we are dealing with “social systems, hardware systems, or physical systems.” “If UFOs were a conventional system, we would probably have already deciphered its meaning,” he says.

Thus, in order to advance UFO research, we need to dig deeper. Vallee proposes to consider this phenomenon as a “metasystem”. In essence, it is a system that spawns other systems. He explains the concept of the metasystem with another brilliant analogy.

Suppose we were going to study a civilization about which we know very little. So we go there on Saturday night and find crowds of people coming out of certain buildings. So we ask these people, “What were you doing there?” And they say, “Oh, that was great. We saw Bambi. ” Well, we write it down and note that it is a fact, because, in essence, they all describe the same thing.

Then we cross the street, and another crowd comes out of another building of a similar structure, and we ask them: “What did you see?” And they say, “Oh, that was great. We saw this character named Rambo. ” This information is also fact, but it is completely different from what people across the street are reporting.

If the stories are to be believed, Ufonauts come in all shapes and sizes. The peaceful (attractive) “Nordic blondes” and the seemingly dispassionate “grays” are the two most commonly reported humanoids of UFO sightings.

Archetypes in the UFO Pantheon. Two internally consistent stories when analyzed separately. However, when compared, they appear to be mutually exclusive. What should we do about this apparent paradox?

Dr. Vallee proposes a solution by developing his analogy with the cinema; a hint of a deeper reality hidden behind this phenomenon.

So, the next step is to go inside the buildings to check the reports for yourself. But all we see is a blank wall and rows of chairs against this blank wall. The obvious theory is a psychological theory: These people love to get together, and their minds create myths from their own fantasies.

Some people like to see Bambi, others like to see Rambo, but we assume there is no physical reality for them. We would be completely wrong in this assumption, but it would be a logical theory to develop.

Jacques Vallee’s empty-wall metaphor suggests that the images we see when we observe a UFO can only be a superficial representation – a projection – created by a deeply hidden metasystem. One that we currently cannot perceive directly. So what does Vallee suggest we do to expose the veiled UFO deceiver?

In his 1979 book Messengers of Deception, Jacques Vallee describes his chance encounter with a mysterious character he calls Major Murphy. Former US intelligence officer. In their conversation, Vallee tells Murphy that he prefers to use scientific methods to investigate this phenomenon.

The major is not impressed: “Why do you think UFOs are a scientific problem?” He asks. He then lectures Dr. Vallee about the strict rules of science. “For example, he must assume that the observed phenomenon is of natural origin, and not artificial and possibly biased.”

However, the UFO phenomenon may represent some kind of alien form of intelligence, he continued, and if so, “studying it is not science. It belongs to intelligence. ”

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Eric W. Davis, a former colleague of Dr. Vallee at NIDS, BAASS and AAWSAP, also supported Major Murphy’s opinion. Dr. Davis explains that this is the “realm of military intelligence”:

The fact that unknown ships are flying around the Earth is not a subject of science – it is a subject of collecting, collecting and analyzing intelligence. This is because UFOs are not a natural phenomenon, and that is not what science studies.

So how exactly does the counterintelligence approach work? Neither Vallee, nor Murphy, nor Davis are very clear about this. But Vallee offers a hint at Invisible College.

“It should be possible to gain access to control of the UFO phenomenon,” he writes, “but it will take a very smart approach – or a very brave one.” In a 1978 interview with UFO researcher Jerome Clarke, Vallee takes the idea further.

We must do something to make them react. And I don’t mean building airstrips in the desert and waiting to meet the space brothers.

To get an even better idea of ​​what Dr. Vallee has to offer, we revisit the previously mentioned movie theater analogy. Here Vallee urges us to stop staring mindlessly at the movie screen, which is showing an absurd display of a 4-D diamond.

He argues that instead, we should try to uncover the metasystem that generates it. To do this, he asks us to metaphorically shift our perspective 180 degrees.

“When we look the other way,” he says, “we see a small hole at the top of the wall, from which some kind of light comes out.” This is where we should go! And you might outsmart the UFO trickster!

I want to steal the key to the projection booth, and then when everyone has gone home, I want to hack it. And what you find is a metasystem. It is a system that can generate anything – Bambi, Rambo, Close Encounters …

This is my next project; I want to play with the projector. One way to do this is to intervene in the phenomenon itself. I think if you did that, you would make him react … If this is a control system, then there is a feedback loop somewhere. Once you find a feedback loop, you can contact her.

Vallee’s idea of ​​including this phenomenon is clearly very far from the ideology of cosmic brotherhood promoted by utopian contactees. In fact, it may be useful to view CE-5 observations (type 5 contacts) as an entirely new category of interactive contact.

Therefore, I propose the following definition of close encounters of the sixth kind (CE-6):

CE-6: Surveillance “triggered” by a deceptive / provocative scheme / human action designed to induce a reaction of the UFO phenomenon for the purpose of gathering intelligence.

This tactic appears to have been used by NIDS / BAASS / AAWSAP at Skinwalker Ranch and perhaps more broadly within the military intelligence community of the major powers during highly classified operations.

If this is true, then the consequences are obviously enormous: for global security, international relations; and possibly interspecies relationships.

The military of the leading world powers have learned to “lure UFOs”

The military has long understood one simple truth, in order to attract UFOs, we must do something that will make them react. And I don’t mean building airstrips in the desert and waiting to meet the space brothers, Valle wrote.

The fact that unknown ships are flying around the Earth is not a subject of science – it is a subject of collecting, collecting and analyzing intelligence. This is because UFOs are not a natural phenomenon, and that is not what science studies. – Dr. Eric W. Davis.

In October 2020, Luis Elizondo, the former head of Advanced Aerospace (AATIP), said that in the process of studying the potential threats that UFOs may carry, the military used experiments to attract UFOs using “decoys”. The most valuable and powerful weapons, including nuclear weapons, were used as “bait”.

Is there any evidence other than Elizondo’s retweet that the United States (or any other major power) actually used its valuable military assets as bait to attract UFOs? Surprisingly, the answer is yes.

In a recent episode of The Sarah Carter Show, Elizondo was asked to comment on a statement made by former Soviet Air Force General Vasily Alekseev, in which he claimed that the Soviet military was conducting experiments in which they successfully “lured” UFOs to the right place!

Elizondo pointed to the serious implications of the UFO phenomenon for national security.

Carter: “Do you (Luis Elizondo) believe what he says, and if so, what do you think it could be? What could the Russians have done? ”

Elizondo: “To answer simply, ‘Yes, definitely’, I totally agree with this assessment. The problem is how. And I want to be careful not to say too much, and just because I still have security clearance and I think there can be an effort to continue this line of experimentation.

But we know that based on our observations, it looks like there are some similarities associated with these UFOs, and when I talk about generalities, I mean from a national security perspective.

I do not mean necessarily, you know how your neighbors and grandma saw some kind of lights in the backyard or something like that, which, by the way, could be absolutely true.

I mean, the information we’ve gathered about these vehicles, these vehicles, whatever you call them, these UAPs / UFOs seem to have some similarities, and one of them is a keen interest in our nuclear capabilities.

When I resigned from the Department of Defense, I actually wrote in my service letter of resignation (reproduced below) that some of our concerns are that there seems to be some UFO interest in our nuclear technology. ”

Alekseev and Elizondo’s statements are explosive by any standard, but without additional information it is difficult to know what to do with them. So I was delighted when I stumbled upon a rare interview with General Alekseev, in which he gives startling additional details about the Soviet efforts to combat UFOs.

“This interest was especially expressed in the fact that some experts were sent to investigate, especially to those places where UFOs, let’s call them that, appeared quite often.

I know a number of military bases in this category. As a rule, these are objects of strategic importance, missile systems, research and development institutions, that is, places with a high concentration of advanced science and, to some extent, dangerous.

Because every nuclear missile, every new air base represents a breakthrough both in science and in military terms; it is, first of all, the pinnacle, the pinnacle of human achievement. And it was here that UFOs appeared quite often.

Moreover, individual officers and commanders on the spot, who were aware of the phenomenon and did not have official instructions on this matter, acted on their own initiative to investigate UFOs, record data, and so on.

I know that in some places they even learned to create a situation that deliberately provokes the appearance of a UFO. UFOs appeared where there was increased military activity associated, say, with the transportation of “special” cargo. It was enough to artificially simulate or plan such a movement for a UFO to appear.

In other words, some kind of conditional relationship arose. And they found it. We are a reasonable nation, nothing escapes us. I know that at certain polygons – I will not name them, although this is no longer a secret – they even learned how to establish some kind of contact.

What did it consist of? First there was a UFO; in most cases it was a sphere, but there were other types as well. Contact was made using physical cues of behavior – say, pointing the arms in different directions and the sphere flattened in the same direction. If you raised your arms three times, the UFO would also flatten vertically three times.

In the early 1980s, on the instructions of the then Soviet leadership, experiments were carried out using technical devices (theodolites, radar stations, etc.), as a result of which unidentified objects were recorded and there was no doubt about their real presence in the air at that moment.

What the General is describing here is in some ways strikingly similar to what is known as “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” (CE-5) in the UFO community; those. human-initiated contact with the UFO phenomenon.

However, there are two obvious differences from the traditional CE-5 concept: (1) the link between military, intelligence and nuclear facilities, which is clearly absent in the “normal” civilian CE-5; and (2) blatant deception and gimmicks associated with trying to “lure” UFOs into appearing for intelligence / counterintelligence purposes.

When asked by Sarah Carter, Elizondo said he needed to be “careful not to say too much” about how these UFO lure experiments were conducted because he still has security clearance. Does the high level of classification of these alleged experiments mean that it is impossible to get some idea of ​​how they might have been performed. Probably no.

In fact, there is quite a lot of information in the public domain about similar experiments conducted by NIDS / BAASS / AAWSAP at Robert Bigelow’s ranch. In The Hunt for a Werewolf, George Knapp and Dr. Colm Kelleher describe one where “NIDS acquired several dozen cows” to serve as bait for “trickster-like phenomena” suspected of injuring animals in the area.

However, he eluded all attempts at capture. Researcher Gary S. Beckum suggested that it may take “psychic” experience to get close to Skinwalker. More on this below.

One of those who took part in the study of the phenomena reported at Skinwalker Ranch is former NIDS member Dr. Christopher Canfield “Keith” Green, MD, Ph.D. Dr. Green is currently at Wayne State University and is an expert in psychiatry, neuroradiology, and neurology.

He has a long career in intelligence, and at one time he even ran the “strange bureau” of the CIA. More recently, Dr. Green has been associated with the US government’s UFO programs AATIP and AAWSAP. For example, Green is the author of the DIRD, Clinical Medical Acute and Subacute UFO Field Effects on Human Skin and Neurological Tissue, which analyzes the “evidence of unintentional injury” of human witnesses to UFO events.

A couple of years ago, it was revealed that Dr. Green and his colleague Dr. Harry P. Nolan, professor of microbiology and immunology at Stanford University, are conducting groundbreaking research on the brain of so-called “prototypes.” Many of the people in this unique cohort have allegedly witnessed unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) at close range and / or demonstrated exceptional talent in extrasensory perception (ESP).

Doctors Green and Nolan have yet to publish their final findings, but preliminary results indicate that many of these people have objectively “higher neural density.”

It has been suggested that this region of the brain may function as a kind of “antenna” for abnormal transmission and reception of information. You may ask what does all this have to do with the UFO calling strategy that Luis Elizondo and General Vasily Alekseev referred to. I’ll get to that now.

In 2008, several years before his work with Dr. Nolan, Green was involved in another interesting research project with the Chinese physicist Shan Gao. Their idea was to “use fMRI brain scans to objectively observe and record people in telepathically entangled states.”

A remote viewer with “proven sender information skills” will be placed in one magnet, and another experienced “sender” will be simultaneously placed in the second.

Gary S. Beckum has proposed a radically innovative application for research conducted by Green and Gao that may have a direct bearing on attracting paranormal phenomena such as UFOs. Beckum writes:

Building on Green’s description of one proposed fMRI telepathy experiment, by establishing a baseline for the normal entanglement of a pair of carefully matched human brains, an experiment could be designed to place a human receiver inside a brain scanner magnet during deep intelligence. a conscious state of communication with a remote sender.

The sender will be placed as bait, potentially endangered, as close to the core of the skinwalker ranch phenomenon as possible. The key to this experiment is to induce the source of the various reported phenomena – the supposed foresight of the senses – to act on the sender in such a way as to unify the entangled brain states of the sender and receiver.

Assuming the risk that the Skinwalker Phenomenon could simply disrupt the intricate brain state of a sender at a ranch in Utah and a recipient within a magnet in a research lab some distance away, at best, there will be changes in the recipient’s brain scans caused by the effect of the Skinwalker source on the sender.

If this were possible, then we could potentially capture some of the consciousness-altering signatures of the Forward Intelligent Phenomenon in the human brain. Captured signatures have the potential to significantly reveal the nature of the source that affects human perception.

Whether this highly creative approach of Robert Bigelow was ever applied or elsewhere remains unclear. But at least the complexity of the idea speaks to the level of intelligence that is used to solve the UFO problem, and the seriousness with which this topic is considered in certain circles of the American military intelligence complex.

Hopefully more information will emerge in the coming years about the strategies used by the major powers to deal with this phenomenon.

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