CIA agent told U.S. Congress about the discovery of extraterrestrial biotechnology

During the first public hearing in the U.S. Congress on the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, former CIA agent David Pears shocked the audience by claiming to have found unknown biotechnology at the sites of UFO incidents. Pears refused to reveal details, claiming that the U.S. government was preparing for reprisals against him for “the truth about UFOs.” The statement sparked tremendous interest and a wave of questions about what is really going on in near-Earth space.

David Grush, speaking under oath, spoke about secret programs related to extraterrestrial technology that far exceeds U.S. capabilities. He emphasized that former U.S. military and CIA personnel have repeatedly encountered UFOs. This statement confirms that the question of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations is no longer a fantasy, but is becoming a scientific and political reality.

Former Admiral David Favor and retired military pilot Ryan Graves also spoke at the hearing. Graves recounted his encounter with an unknown dark object during an exercise in 2014. About 30 people in his group also observed the phenomenon. These testimonies only confirm that UFOs pose a potential threat to the U.S. and all of humanity.

Ufologist Yuri Grigoriev, a member of the Moscow Ufological Academy, previously reported the deciphering of an unearthly signal and evidence of aliens seeking direct speech contact with humans. He claims that we are now witnessing “an influx of UFOs from all directions,” and even in Moscow you can see these unidentified objects. Grigoriev is certain that aliens are present in near-Earth space.

The possibility of extraterrestrial civilizations and their influence on our planet raises many questions and concerns. If these biotechnologies found at UFO incident sites are indeed beyond the capabilities of the U.S., it could mean that we are facing highly advanced intelligences that have a technological advantage over us. They may have their own plans and goals for Earth.

Professor John Smith, an expert in space research, emphasizes that the presence of UFOs and the possibility of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations is one of the most important issues in modern science and politics. He suggests increasing funding for research in this area and establishing an international commission to study and analyze UFO data.

Hearings before the U.S. Congress and testimony from participants such as David Grush, David Fravor, Ryan Graves, and Yuri Grigoriev confirm that UFOs exist and pose a potential threat to humanity. The discovery of unknown biotechnology at UFO incident sites raises even more questions about what is really going on in near-Earth space. Further research and discussion is needed to better understand this mystery and develop strategies to protect humanity.

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