Dr. Michio Kaku advises scientists to keep an open mind about the idea of extraterrestrial UFO origins

Renowned theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku has shown in the past that he is open to the idea of extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. In a recent tweet, he urges his fellow scientists to more openly consider the idea that UFOs could be extraterrestrial spacecraft.

As Kaku explained via Twitter, he has repeatedly been asked about his attitude toward the UFO phenomenon. In this regard, the physicist further explains that he considers the question of origin to be a legitimate scientific question.

At the 2019 World UFO Congress in Barcelona, Kaku had already stated that UFO research had reached an important turning point thanks to the U.S. Navy’s authentication of UFO records and recent confirmations from the U.S. military. He also said that “the burden of proof is now on the U.S. government. Now you have to prove that these objects are not controlled by intelligent beings from outer space.”

According to the physicist, the possibility of extraterrestrial origin of the objects, which have been seen and documented not only by American pilots, is on the agenda.

“We now know that these objects can reach speeds of Mach 5-20. We know that they are capable of zigzagging maneuvers at speeds that would actually have to crush any pilot on board.” The previous silly explanations for UFO sightings, such as that they are meteors, weather balloons or the planet Venus, can no longer explain these Navy records,” Kaku continues.

This leaves only two possible explanations: “Either these objects are of human origin and then represent such advanced technology that even leading scientists are confused. Or we see here evidence of a highly advanced extraterrestrial civilization.”

In fact, it must first be proven that the documented UFO sightings are not of extraterrestrial origin.

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