Earth-sized UFO flew out of the Sun

Not only independent researchers, but also many world-renowned scientists have repeatedly expressed hypotheses that our Sun is an intergalactic portal through which ships of extraterrestrial civilizations move to our solar system.

The sun can be used as an intergalactic spaceport and teleport to move around the universe. Our Sun is only one of the intermediate points.

On March 27, 2021, a European solar observation satellite recorded a seemingly ordinary and small flare compared to the Sun. not even a flash, but a small burst of solar matter near the active zone, but if you zoom in on the image, you can see that this flare was produced by a UFO that flew out from the interior of the Sun.

An object in the shape of a ball, dark in color and its size seems small, only if you do not understand that this UFO flew out of the Sun:

Sun size: 1,392,700 km
Earth size: 12,742 km

A UFO flying out of the Sun is visually larger than the Earth, or at least comparable in size to it.

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