FedEx freighter pilots captured a UFO over Monterrey, Mexico

A pulsating “drop-shaped” object circled around a FedEx plane while it was flying near Monterrey – although it never appeared on the plane’s radar.

The pilots reported that at one point, a “shiny, yellow-white plasma-like object” quickly descended from the sky at the plane’s flight altitude and then released a beam of light in their direction. The sphere flew next to the plane for more than half an hour before disappearing with a flash of pinkish-purple light.

The video of the encounter was analyzed by experts at the National Aerial Reporting Center for Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP), a nonprofit organization that studies UFO sightings and works to develop safety protocols during such unexplained phenomena.

The pilots did not give their names because of concerns that they could be suspended from flying for doing so. However, NARCAP Executive Director Ted Rowe assured that their UFO story is credible – it comes from two experienced pilots with nearly 30 years of experience in the U.S. Air Force and private sector.

“We have a database going back to 1916. It describes the four main types of UFO encounters – balls of light, spheres, cylinders and disks,” he said.

The NARCAP report describes the pilots as “competent pilots with extensive experience in observing and identifying aircraft, able to distinguish routine sightings and incidents from unusual ones.”

Their claims are “completely consistent with what pilots have been reporting for over 100 years.”

Flying a Boeing 767, the first officer “thought it was a meteor, and started talking about it when a UFO suddenly stopped at the same altitude as their plane.” The UFO then “pointed a beam of bright white light at their plane and appeared to be on a collision course,” the report said.

This prompted the pilots to “prepare to dodge a collision.”

Instead of colliding with the plane, the balloon made a turn and “swept” close to them at 1,000 to 2,000 feet (300 to 600 meters), reaching speeds of 575 mph (925 km/h) at 37,000 feet (1,277 km).

“I thought it was a shooting star, but then it stopped,” the pilot tells his colleague during the nearly five-minute video.

“It’s like a sphere, man – look at that s – – – – t. It’s pulsating. It’s amazing! And it’s not on TCAS [radar],” said one of them.

“That s – – – – t is hot… Oh, man, look at that thing, man. It’s an unidentified flying object, bro, I can finally say I saw it. That’s cool,” said the captain.

“Did you see it just fall out of the sky and stop?” – He asked his copilot.

“Yeah. I thought it was a shooting star and then it stopped,” the first officer replied.

The skeptical pilots speculated that the balloon might have been a weather balloon, a weather research device usually mistaken for an alien ship. “The only weather balloon we have is near [inaudible], it’s 15,000 feet above ground level. This thing is above our altitude,” one of them said.

“We’re going to lose it in the clouds, you son of a bitch,” said the captain as they approached the end of their trip next to the UFO. “There’s bad weather 40 miles from our left wing tip where the thing seems to have disappeared. It had no strobe lights, no beacon, nothing.”

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