“Genesis 2” – UFO science project

Genesis 2 was created by a team of scientists and specialists, including Dr. J.C. Van Welkinburg, a former biophysicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Debra LaPrevott, a former FBI special agent and forensic expert.

The project was created to change the approach to UFOs from an entertainment-wonderful to a scientific approach and to investigate eyewitness photos and videos to see if the objects they document are UFOs.

Debra LaPrevott told that the change of the term UFO (UFO – unidentified flying object) to UFO (UAP – unidentified air phenomena) was made in order to remove the idea that everyone who talks about UFOs are either crazy or fantasists, ingrained in the minds of people. For too long the authorities, the media and the entertainment industry (movies and games) have exploited the term UFO in this context.

But the time has come to change the approach to reporting on the UFO phenomenon, the existence of which has been officially recognized by the U.S. authorities.

The scientific approach means that we should not immediately dismiss the data coming from people, even if initially it seems that what they have photographed or filmed has nothing to do with UFOs.

We should not look at the image itself, we should look at the speed of the object, at its trajectory, whether it is just flying straight ahead or making a sharp turn of 90 degrees while traveling at exorbitant speeds,

“Genesis 2” has published a selection of photos and videos of objects that have been determined by a team of qualified experts to be – UFOs/UAPs.

These data with the results of the study including scientific expertise of photos and videos with a description of the parameters of the objects indicating their extraterrestrial origin, are transmitted to the Pentagon for further study and data collection.

“People got used or rather they got used to treat any video or photo with UFOs as a joke and unsubstantiated claims are made that it is a “package, balloon, fly, bird and so on and so forth” our goal is to put an end to it and through scientific analysis to confirm those cases where even a “bird” is not a “bird” but an aircraft with amazing speed, agility, which mimics (copies) any objects using technologies unknown to us.

The scientific approach is intended to change people’s attitude to the subject of UFOs. People should begin to understand that there are physical laws that govern everything on earth, but these objects fly as if these physical laws do not exist for them at all.

No object on earth, be it a living creature or a machine created by mankind, is capable of flying at exorbitant speeds and making 90-degree turns at the same time. People should understand that it is necessary to study not what we see on videos or photos, but to study the context – how this object flew, at what speed, whether it made 90 degree turns or entered a solid surface without collapsing, whether it changed its shape during the flight, whether there were any unusual gravitational effects and many other things.

Who made these apparatuses? Where did they come from? Who controls them? What is their purpose?

At this point – we have no idea what they are and we have no answers to any of the questions!

That’s why a scientific team was created, to remedy the situation and to begin to study everything related to the appearance of these UFOs in our skies.

The basis of our scientific approach to the study of UFOs, is a digital forensic analysis of footage taken by eyewitnesses. We do not just take a photo or video, look and exclaim, “Oh, that’s great, of course, but I see a bird! That’s a useless video for us!

No – we need to take each fact seriously and study it using modern technology, not dismiss the facts based on our visual opinion.

If a video or photo, for example, was taken with an iPhone, we have to take the same iPhone or get directly to the one the recording was made with, we have to know which particular brand of camera was used, what settings were used, what image artifacts that particular model might have produced and if we exclude all outside factors, we get a confirmed (based on forensic procedures used for US courts in criminal cases). we check whether the original photo and video have been modified. We analyze a huge number of factors.

The Genesis 2 project is a continuation of the earlier Genesis 1 project. Over 4 years we have collected a huge number of photos and videos of UFOs. We have checked thousands of photos and videos and we have the ones that have been verified to confirm the existence of UFOs.

At this point we have no answers as to who they are, where they come from, why they are here – it’s a completely unexplored area, but the important thing is that we have begun to study this from a scientific point of view. This is a radical change in the approach to the UFO phenomenon from ridicule to recognition and beginning to study it scientifically.

The main conclusions we come to at the moment – we see patterns in the way they behave technologically, they violate earthly laws of physics and we fix it, mankind has no such technology. These UFOs cannot be the secret developments of any country in the world, simply because these technologies contradict the physical laws on which all our technologies are based. We cannot transcend these physical laws.

We are recording hundreds of different types of UFOs. Hundreds of different objects with different characteristics and manifestations of super-technology. These are hundreds of completely different flying machines with unexplained capabilities.

We study the scientific data of these objects. That’s what skeptics like to say, “I see a bird here,” we don’t do that – we watch how this bird flies and involve all the required experts to find out exactly whether the bird can fly at that speed, whether it can become invisible, whether it can change shape or dive at supersonic speed. This is science, unlike those who draw conclusions about the nature of objects based on “I think it’s a bird.

We bring in scientists who check a huge number of parameters, estimate speed, trajectory, external shapes, check it all against the shapes we know and when they all come to the conclusion that it cannot be a bird, it becomes a proven fact that a UFO has appeared. You see? There are such “birds” that are comparable in size to a Boeing airplane.

SOURCE Genesis 2 Project LLC

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