ISS cameras recorded a UFO during the astronauts’ exit from the ISS

During the exit of the astronauts (although it would be more correct to call them atmosphereonauts, since they are in the upper layers of the earth’s atmosphere) outside the International Space Station, a live camera recorded an unidentified flying object leaving the Earth at a very high speed.

This UFO can be called “space”, since it flies not only at an incredible acceleration for terrestrial vehicles, but also apparently flies into open space.

These frames were taken on April 6, 2020, but there are a lot of similar UFOs in Earth orbit and not only in low, medium and high, but also outside the Earth’s atmosphere in open space, and when watching any video broadcast from the ISS, such UFOs can be found.

Surprising in all this is only one thing – despite hundreds of similar cases, when cameras record UFOs near the Earth or in its orbit, aerospace agencies “do not notice” them and do not comment on their presence in any way.

Scientists also “see nothing” and continue their mantras about “is there life on other planets” and “are there UFOs?”.

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