Las Vegas resident described an encounter with a tall alien

A family from Las Vegas witnessed a UFO landing and alien sighting near their home on the night of April 30 to May 1, 2023.

The witness, whose name is Angel, states that he is not making this story up for fame or profit, but simply wants to share his experiences. He and his brother were in the yard when they heard a strange sound, as if something was flying. After that, they felt a hard thump and a noise, as if something big had fallen to the ground.

Then something strange happened to them. Angel says that although his vision was fine, when he looked out into the backyard, everything seemed very blurry. And he heard a sound like “a thousand steps around.”

After a couple of seconds, the “fog” disappeared, and that’s when Angel saw the creature for the first time.

When they turned around, they saw a tall creature about 2.5 to 3 meters tall. It was very skinny and gray-green in color, with large eyes and mouth. It was breathing heavily and you could see its stomach bulging.

Then they ran into the house, called my father, went back to the backyard, and the alien was still there. They ran back into the house and called 911 and told them what had happened. While they were waiting for the police to arrive, they heard “footsteps” on the roof of their house.

Then the police arrived, but found nothing suspicious near their house. The police did not find any aliens, but a strange circle was found in the backyard of the house – a print on fine gravel.

The police began investigating the strange incident, but a few days later closed the case “for lack of evidence.

“I know it’s hard to believe, but I saw what I saw,” Angel says.

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