Many UFOs were observed in the sky over Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA

A group of local residents observed a strange phenomenon on September 4, 2020. Rain clouds hung low over the city in which a large number of luminous objects appeared, which flashed, then disappeared and moved with great speed.

Eyewitness: This video does not convey this phenomenon properly. We could very clearly see over 20 light sources far beyond the clouds. They blinked and then returned to a constant glow. Sometimes it seemed that they even moved with lightning speed, and then after a moment they become motionless again.

How far were they?

They were far away. As if very far beyond the clouds. Later we saw an airplane fly past and it seemed much closer.

Were they interconnected or independent of each other?

They definitely seemed connected. Some of us have described this as a blinking mesh animation.

What is the distance from one end to the other in the sky?

Once my eyes were able to focus on one, they slowly filled my entire peripheral vision. You can hear how I react to this at the beginning, saying that first I saw 6 … then 10 … but by the end I’m sure I noticed at least 30.

We saw them moving and blinking for at least 10 minutes. Then it all stopped and we went back inside to finish dinner. About 20 minutes later we checked the sky again, but they were gone.

I put several filters on the video to make it clearer what is happening. There are indeed many UFOs there. They flash, then glow with a constant glow, and they do not just fly fast, they instantly rebuild.

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