Multiple UFOs appeared in the sky over the city of Tomball, Texas, USA

A slew of objects that appeared and traveled quickly in multiple directions and at varying speeds, appearing and disappearing, were seen by residents of a city in the U.S. state of Texas.

A husband and wife in Tombstone described the incident as follows on May 29, 2021: “I was sitting outside in my front yard, watching the sunset. To my right, I saw an object flying slowly about 5 feet off the ground over our neighbors’ yard behind a tree. I thought it was a drone. It flew over my neighbor’s yard and then seemed to notice me.

Then it backed up, flew over our yard and headed straight for me. About 5 meters high and 5 meters away from me. It looked like 4 light bulbs that wouldn’t go out, with a black body on which they glowed. I saw it clearly and examined it in detail. These retractable bulbs were pulling out of his body and they were focusing on me, like a camera lens moving back and forth.

I looked at it and still thought it was a regular drone, although it confused me that it had no propellers at all. It didn’t look like a drone, but what else could I think at that moment? Until it disappeared before my eyes. It was like someone turned off the camera and the image disappeared and dissolved. What was left was a very tiny hint of a light gray trail, which immediately disappeared.

I knocked on the door to get my husband. Ten seconds later another one flies over to the left between my house and our neighbor’s house. It looked like a bright light bulb moving slowly, it had a yellow trail, and it evaporated about 3 meters off the ground.

Then my husband went outside. I told him and he started taking pictures. We saw several bright glowing UFOs appearing and disappearing from different directions, but all moving in the same direction. It was as if they were inspecting the earth. My husband saw it. I wish I had taken pictures when one of them flew very close. When my husband started filming, they didn’t come close anymore. They would appear and then immediately just disappear.

Tomball is a city in Harris County, Texas, part of the Houston metropolitan area.

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