NASA told about unexplained UFO maneuvers

Unidentified metal balls that perform unexplained maneuvers in airspace continue to draw the attention of scientists and the public. A team of experts from the U.S. Space Administration, NASA, has been studying these phenomena and held its first public hearing last week to share the results of its research.

More than 800 reports of “flying saucers” studied

A Pentagon spokesman said at the hearing that more than 800 reports of “flying saucers” have been studied since 1996. Most of them could be explained scientifically: they were a variety of flying machines, balloons or optical illusions. However, according to experts, 2-5% of cases remain unexplained anomalies and require further study.

Unidentified balloons perform maneuvers without wings or engines

Special attention of scientists is attracted by spherical objects of diameter from 1 to 4 meters, which are observed in different regions of the world. They are able to perform incredible maneuvers in spite of the absence of wings and engines. Their speed can be from zero to supersonic. NASA reports that the low quality of data, images and video prevents experts to draw definitive conclusions.

The public points to the concealment of data on alien visitors

The YouTube broadcast of the hearing drew a lot of interest from viewers. Many of them expressed the opinion that the U.S. authorities are hiding data about alien visitors. However, scientists point out that in order to draw definitive conclusions, it is necessary to have more accurate data.

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