NOAA employee: “There are highly evolved humanoid beings living in our oceans”

NOAA – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is a federal agency within the U.S. Department of Commerce; it conducts various types of meteorological and geodetic research and forecasts for the United States and its possessions, studying the world’s oceans and atmosphere.

In the light of recent changes to the UFO phenomenon occurring in the world after the official recognition of their existence by the United States, we should look very differently at the disclosures that have been attempted by employees of various structures of America, which referred to the presence on our planet of a completely different – highly evolved humanoid species of beings.

One of such messages appeared in the world wide web relatively recently and this message even contained the personal data of the source with the indication of the concrete addresses of the organization where she worked.

Then, many have reacted to this message skeptically, although everybody noticed the speed with which this message was deleted by the moderators of various social networking sites, who justified their actions by the “violation of the rules of personal data distribution”, although the author himself pointed them out, so there was no violation.

It’s worth noting that the author herself was no longer online. What happened to her is unknown…

The Navy works in cooperation with the government to keep this a secret at all levels. Other governments have similar control systems to keep this information strictly in the realm of fiction, according to public perception.

I am compelled to break the silence and disseminate this information. My colleagues and the organization I have called home for the past twelve years are responsible for silencing one of the greatest genealogical discoveries of all time. The department in which I work is being restructured and downsized, so I am about to lose my job. This announcement will likely accelerate that process.

I received my M.S. in Biological Sciences and my Ph.D. in Wildlife and Fisheries Science, and then I was invited to work for NOAA.

In 2012, there was an incident with several beached whales that NOAA and the Navy team investigated. Immediately afterwards, everything was thoroughly covered up. The whales were covered with perfectly round incisions from which large chunks of flesh had been removed, like cylinders of meat. At first we thought it had been done after the landings, but then we learned that they had been thrown ashore that way. What really caught everyone’s attention was the scorched flesh around the circumference of the incisions, as if they had been burned out with a laser.

We were all puzzled as we had never seen anything like this on a sea creature. Then we got a call that a small team would be doing a hydrographic survey of the area with a local vessel’s echo sounder. We normally use a technique called Multibeam sonar to scan/map the seafloor with amazing detail. The data we collect is processed by various organizations and usually uploaded to online databases.

We were told that would not happen on this expedition. In short, we found incontrovertible evidence of an advanced humanoid species in the depths of the ocean.

Using multibeam sonar, we located their habitat as well as what appear to be underwater vehicles. The creatures themselves were tracked by the Navy for 2 weeks using a submersible equipped with special deep-sea surveillance equipment.

The creatures reached speeds in excess of 70 knots… faster than the sailfish, thought to be the fastest creature in the ocean. They were also recorded making sounds reminiscent of marine communications, and instruments also recorded emission of “precise sonar blasts” that damaged the hull of the submersible, the Navy report said. Video footage of the creatures, including juveniles, is available. The Navy did not share the video with us, but the officer I spoke with gave the following description;

“They didn’t look real, they looked like computer animation or something. They have a glow around their whole body, and they move very fast, even minor movements like turning their head or moving their arm were like watching a high frame rate video. They don’t look like any fictional image. They have no fish tail, they are fully humanoid, but *very skinny/high*.

Their bodies were covered with a material resembling elemental mercury, which looked like it was “moving. They were very interested in the underwater apparatus and seemed to know they were being watched, as several times they swam away and returned with new creatures. We observed no more than 5 of them at a time. They were different sizes, but otherwise looked the same.

Their eyes were completely white and there was no hair or any indication that they were male or female. No ears were visible, and their mouths were wide and without lips. We directed a sequence of lights, sounds, and even extended a robotic arm on an underwater vehicle to try to get some physical sample/DNA from the samples or the water closest to them.

We don’t know how they swam, since they didn’t swim with the current or move their bodies the way a fish or even a human underwater should. They were simply able to move quickly in any direction, without having to change position or “swim.” In fact, during most observations, they simply floated motionless without losing or gaining buoyancy.”

In addition, their submersibles, some very large ones, were spotted with sonar. They were moving faster than anything should be able to move underwater. They were not seen or recorded on video, only on sonar. At times they would disappear completely while being observed, as if they were leaving the water or camouflaged.

We have two weeks’ worth of data from that area alone. We have learned that this is one of many places around the world where these creatures live hidden from view. The briefing I was able to read during the meeting said that the Mariana Trench is where these creatures are most concentrated, and that they seem to be completely unaffected by depth. Structures have been mapped which are presumably their dwellings. They are perfectly hexagonal and connected to each other like a honeycomb. Their compositional composition is unknown.

The Navy has confiscated most of the hard evidence, all we have is sonar readings, which are only obvious if you know what you’re looking for.

I want everyone to know this information. We are not alone, but they are not from outer space. To exist at these depths and at astronomical pressure, these creatures are either invulnerable, or they are so far removed from us that they have technology that negates both of these dangers.

This is being actively concealed by all organizations and our military. Other countries know about these creatures, and I believe that some genuine video footage may even be intentionally mixed in with fakes. The observations in Kiryat Yam were authentic, we mapped a cluster of their dwellings off the coast, near the island of Cyprus.

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