Peruvian Air Force’s SU-22 battle with a UFO in 1980

On the morning of April 11, 1980, at La Joya Air Force Base in Southern Peru, General Luis Spicer was training Peruvian Air Force personnel. At about 07:15 a.m., the control tower reported that a UFO had been detected in the airspace near the base.

The unknown aircraft did not respond to radio commands sent by the control tower. The unknown object was asked to identify itself. Upon observation, the personnel saw a very large and bright glowing object approaching and flying toward the base. About 2,000 troops witnessed the incident at the time.

An Su-22, a Russian-made supersonic rotary wing aircraft, was airborne. The plane was sent to intercept an unknown flying object. The plane was piloted by Lieutenant Oscar Santa Maria Huertas. He was an apprentice of General Luis Spicer.

Santa Maria received a clear order: “If the unknown object is not ours, you can shoot it down.

Oscar Santa Maria, recalls:

“At about 07:15 a.m. our squadron became aware from the control tower of the presence of an unidentified flying object that was not reporting itself. Some sort of balloon-like flying machine was approaching. This object did not have permission to enter our war zone. The squadron commander came up to me and ordered: “Oscar, there’s a combat mission for you.” I quickly got into the pilot’s seat and got my fighter in the air.

I flew up close to the UFO and realized that the object was not some earthly flying machine. At that moment I was stunned, “What is that? It was a completely solid object. And it was shaped like a dome, like some kind of ceramic, creamy pale in color. And this dome was held on a wide metal base.”

“There was some kind of glow around the object. Almost like a halo. A very bright halo. The halo was enormous in size compared to a jet plane.” – recalls General Louis Spicer who observed the object from the ground

Oscar recounts:

“I had to make a maneuver not to get too close. I took up a firing position. And when I was almost within shooting distance, the object suddenly went up. Going up, the object left out of range.”

Santa Maria stalked the object to get within firing distance, and each time he got close enough, the object performed an evasive maneuver. This happened three times in a row.

General Louis Spicer noted that:

“This object was capable of surpassing the maneuvering capability of the Su-22. It was much more powerful.”

“Finally I had a good focus on the object, I was able to get it in my sights. I pulled the trigger, fired a burst of 64 rounds from my 33mm cannon and waited for the ‘balloon’ to explode, but it did not. It didn’t explode, but began to climb rapidly upward” – Oscar Santa Maria.

The UFO, somehow absorbed the projectiles and showed no change, no damage. Eventually, Santa Maria stopped chasing the UFO, and it disappeared.

When Santa Maria returned to base, he drew this object, which by all known laws of physics should neither fly nor absorb projectiles.

The incident is one of the most documented cases of UFOs involving the military in South America. According to the Peruvian government, the incident was reported to the U.S. government at the time. Specifically, the CIA, the National Security Agency, and the secretary of state.

“I would like to see more interest in this subject. To get knowledge of how they work, where they come from and how they got here. Otherwise, the world will be deprived of the opportunity to know whether they are friends or enemies,” General Louis Spicer.

It is worth noting that the Peruvian Air Force pilot was very lucky in the sense that the UFO shells he fired were absorbed rather than returned. Similar cases were recorded during the Vietnam War.

A U.S. patrol boat moving along a river spotted a brightly glowing UFO approaching them and the military opened fire with a large-caliber machine gun mounted on the deck of the boat. After a moment, the UFO received numerous hits, including a hit to the engine, and caught fire.

When the crew extinguished the fire and reached their base, the hull was examined and it was determined that the hull had been damaged and fired upon by their own UFO rounds. The unidentified object had somehow turned the bullets back on the same trajectory.

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