Peruvian authorities said the “aliens terrorizing locals” were probably “illegal miners” on jetpacks

I don’t know what is more insane – the claims of the locals that they were attacked by “flying aliens two meters tall” or the prosecutor’s explanations in which he states that it was some “miners” scaring the locals with “jetpacks”.

If before the words of the locals who were attacked by “aliens in armor, two meters tall and flying at a height of about half a meter from the ground” caused disbelief, the statements of the authorities look even more ridiculous. One gets the impression that with such “explanations” the authorities are trying to hide really strange events.

The prosecutor investigating the case, Carlos Castro Quintanilla, has reportedly indicated that the “aliens” are actually illegal miners from Brazil and Colombia. The miners were reportedly brought to the area by organized crime syndicates to help with illegal gold mining.

These illegal gold miners used high-tech equipment such as jetpacks to attack and intimidate local residents. One resident reportedly saw one of the “aliens” descend from the air in an attempt to abduct a minor. According to the prosecutor, this story is now confirmed, but it was not an alien, but an illegal immigrant miner.

The prosecutor’s explanation seems extremely ridiculous…. Really – illegal gold miners (illegal miners from other countries) used jet packs (!) to scare the locals?! That’s just crazy.

I wrote about these events recently:

Residents of a small village in Peru are living in fear, claiming they are being terrorized by strange creatures that some believe are aliens. The strange situation has attracted the attention of authorities who have arrived in the village in an attempt to solve the mystery. According to local media reports, the disturbing events began last month in the Alto Nanay neighborhood, where residents began encountering otherworldly beings displaying amazing levitation abilities.

According to Jairo Reategui Avila, a community leader, these beings resemble something out of a science fiction movie. “These gentlemen are aliens. They look armored like the Green Goblin from ‘Spider-Man,'” Avila stated. He described the creatures as silver-colored, with elongated heads and yellowish eyes. Even more surprising is their supposed ability to levitate. These 2-meter-tall creatures wear shoes that allow them to hover about a meter above the ground. Despite attempts by residents to catch or stop them, the creatures always manage to escape.

The situation took a terrifying turn when a teenage girl was reportedly attacked by one of the alleged aliens. The attack left the girl with cuts on her neck, which further alarmed the residents. Fearing for their safety, the residents appealed to the authorities to intervene and rid their village of the creatures.

In response to the distress call, the Peruvian government quickly dispatched a special squad of police and navy personnel to investigate the confusing situation. Authorities interviewed many residents, including the teenage girl who had been attacked.

And now an “explanation” has come from the authorities – illegal miners on jetpacks!?

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