Scientists: The coronavirus pandemic is a rehearsal for the first contact with aliens

People spend a lot of resources and energy looking for alien life. However, what are we going to do if we find life on other planets or the aliens themselves find us? Experts say the pandemic has given a clear picture of precautionary measures.

Physicist Peter Hatfield and Leah Trublud of the University of Oxford believe the coronavirus is the perfect rehearsal for the first contact with aliens. The world’s authorities will be able to avoid fatal mistakes when making decisions in the future if they take this experience into account.

Contact with aliens will bring enormous social, moral, economic and political shifts. Every person on the planet will suffer. It is not a fact that another intelligent alien civilization will be friendly.

Not all politicians can be trusted to negotiate with aliens. For example, Donald Trump, fearing for the economy, introduced quarantine measures at the last moment, and Belarus did not recognize the presence of coronavirus at all.

Scientists decided to conduct a survey among two thousand Britons to find out who they would entrust the negotiations. As it turned out, people will choose a team of scientists (39% of the vote).

Unfortunately, politicians play a key role. They dictate to scientists how to behave and what to say. People in power understand little, but they do something. It will be the same during the first contact with aliens from outer space.

In any case, the agency chosen to manage contacts with foreigners must be accepted by the public. Society needs to trust these people. It can be a group of scientists approved by the leading countries of the world.

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