Strange maneuvers of a group of UFOs over Aiken, South Carolina, USA

Very interesting events were captured on video by residents of the city of Aiken. While at a gas station, he noticed a strange object in the sky, and then saw that around this UFO, there are about 10 other objects similar to a security group.

When analyzing the video, it can be seen that the largest object is descending, leaving a long trail behind, but this is not a trail, but it looks like the object itself is stretched and has a cylindrical shape, but not stable, but mutating.

Around this UFO, there is a group of smaller objects that accompany or guard, or watch the decline of this UFO.

Then, one of these tracking UFOs approaches the main UFO and enters this trail following it. it is in the train, and not through it. Then he moves along this train and connects with the main UFO. After that, they merge and form one large object, which stabilizes the flight, stops descending, levels off and goes to the northeast.

Eyewitness Trista Myers: “This video was filmed at an Enmarket gas station on Charleston Highway on April 3, shortly before 2:00 pm in Aiken, South Carolina, as I was looking northeast.”

Aiken is the largest city and capital of Aiken County in western South Carolina, United States. Together with Augusta, Georgia, it is one of the two largest cities in the Savannah River Central Region. It is part of the Augusta-Richmond County Statistical Area.

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