The Abduction of Mabel White: Alien Beings Create a Hybrid Race

Cases of alien abduction have always been of interest to people. Many people think it is fiction, but there are also those who believe in such stories. Mabel White is one of the few alien abductees whose story seems to many to be true.

Mabel White was abducted by alien beings in 1954. She tells us that they took her aboard their ship and spent several hours examining her body. Interestingly, they didn’t hurt her, but instead showed her care and attention. They even gave her pills to relieve her pain after the procedures.

The most puzzling thing about this story, however, is the aliens’ motives. Mabel White says they are creating a hybrid race, but they do not reveal their true purpose. She asked them why they were doing it, but they gave no clear answer.

On April 23, 2023, a never-before-published interview with Mabel White was published in the media, in which she talks about her encounter with extraterrestrial beings and their mysterious motives behind what she calls the “hybridization” program.

“They told me they were creating a hybrid race, but they never revealed its true purpose,” White recalls. “I asked them why they were collecting eggs and doing it, but they never gave a clear answer.”

White recalls incidents from her childhood in the 1930s when she and her family witnessed strange lights hovering over oil wells. Repeatedly, day and night, they noticed small humanoids dressed in white near these wells. White and her parents tried several times to approach these strange creatures, but they always disappeared, unwilling to make contact.

Abductions of people by UFOs have been taking place since ancient times, as there is enough information in the historical sources that have come down to us. In fact, all ancient stories say the same thing – “Gods from Heaven” came “from the stars” and descended to Earth, where they created humans.

They helped the formation of human civilization, but not out of good motives, the “gods” were not good samaritans – people were created for the extraction of minerals. Experiments on created humans have never stopped. Even today there are cases with the removal of organs from animals, and not only from them alone. The work of creating a hybrid race continues. And the case described above is just another confirmation of this.

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