The mystery of the UFO crash in the Kalahari Desert: an encounter with unknown beings

In May 1989, a mysterious incident involving the crash of an unidentified flying object (UFO) occurred in the Kalahari Desert in Africa. The event was dubbed the “Silver Diamond” and was surrounded by the highest degree of secrecy. However, despite all precautions, the secret information got out and now we can tell you what happened.

It all began on May 7, 1989, when the South African Navy frigate Sa Tafelberg transmitted a report to base of the sighting of an unknown object moving at over 5,000 miles per hour towards the coastline. The South African Air Force immediately raised two Mirage fighters to intercept the object. Squadron Commander Goosen led the senior squadron and pursued the UFO. The object soon entered South African airspace.

Goosen reported that the UFO made a sharp maneuver, impossible for “Mirage”, but contact with the object was not lost. The order came from the ground – to shoot down the UFO. The fighters opened fire and recorded direct hits. The object began to dive to the ground and fell in the Kalahari Desert 80 kilometers from the border. At the crash site was found a crater 150 meters in diameter and 12 meters deep, in which there was a disc-shaped object with a diameter of 18 meters and a height of 8 meters.

Air Force officers and technical experts immediately arrived at the crash site. They found that the object had no connecting seams and had 12 oval-shaped portholes around the perimeter. Only one of the three available telescopic supports was fully extended. The object was taken to one of the secret Air Force bases.

And then something incredible happened. Two humanoid creatures emerged from the object, one of which was injured. They were 120 to 150 centimeters tall, with grayish-blue skin and disproportionately large heads. They had slanted eyes without pupils, and hands up to their knees with three fingers. The creatures communicated with each other, apparently telepathically. But scientists were unable to take blood and skin samples because of the humanoids’ resistance.

The apparatus and the two humanoids were transported to the United States. However, contact with them could not be established, and a few days after delivery to the U.S., the injured humanoid died. In September 1989, the second humanoid died. An internal autopsy showed that the organs of the ship’s pilots were completely different from human organs – liver, kidneys and stomach were missing, but there were many arteries and a substance resembling chlorophyll.

The mystery of the UFO crash in the Kalahari Desert for a long time remained unknown. However, a certain James van Groinen decided to expose this mystery. He presented an ID card of an intelligence officer of South Africa and photocopies of documents confirming his participation in the operation “Silver Diamond”. Van Groinen broke his pledge of secrecy, believing that withholding this information would be “treason against all mankind.”

Journalists investigated and found Goosen’s pilot, who confirmed that he had indeed fired on an unknown object in the air. A South African intelligence officer also confirmed Operation Silver Diamond. Thus, James van Groenen’s account was confirmed.

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