U.S. Air Force builds surveillance stations along East Coast to track UFO activity

The U.S. Air Force will build a new telemetry station in Florida that will use state-of-the-art equipment to record UFO sightings. The initiative likely stems from two years of almost daily intrusions of unidentified flying objects into U.S. airspace on Florida’s East Coast.

For decades, the U.S. Department of Defense has controlled this airspace for national security reasons. It is a completely no-fly zone for civil aviation.

Pasco County Building Department Plan Review Inspector Jeff Robert Blask said that over the past seven years he has evaluated building projects ranging from new residences to new hospitals for compliance with Florida building codes.
He has evaluated building projects ranging from new residential homes to new hospitals for compliance with Florida building codes.

In April 2021, the project engineer went to Pasco County to obtain a building permit for the facility. Mr. Blask knew from experience that the federal government does not require state or municipal building licenses, so he was puzzled as to why a permit was being requested for what was clearly a military complex. When Jeff inquired, the project engineer stated that the area was leased by the military and not owned by the federal government.

The facility consists of several structures, including a 30-meter high tower with a radar dome, two 15-meter collapsible support towers, and an above ground monitoring station with an observation deck.

Jeff Blask:

“I don’t usually look at this particular project with much fervor, especially considering that MacDill Air Force Base is about 45 miles south at the southern tip of Tampa Bay. MacDill is the Central Command for Middle East operations. However, given my lifelong fascination with UFOs and given everything that’s been going on lately, my radar went off, no pun intended.”

Mr. Blask said to the project engineer, “Wow, what powerful equipment. Apparently it’s designed to track possible UFO activity that has been seen off our shores in recent years.”

“You get the idea! And as a matter of fact, if you’re interested in this subject, you might also be interested to know that this facility is not maintained or controlled by MacDill Air Force Base… it is completely controlled by Eglin,” the project engineer replied. (Eglin Air Force Base is a U.S. Air Force base in western Florida located about three miles southwest of Valparaiso in Okaloosa County. The base unit at Eglin is the 96th Test Wing).

“The equipment itself is not classified, but the data that will be collected is classified. Therefore, this facility will be under heavy armed security, and only people with Top Secret clearance will be allowed inside.” added the engineer Mr. Blask spoke with.

Jeff Blask said he learned that a private contractor had been asked to build several similar facilities in coastal areas.

“Needless to say, I was somewhat speechless. First of all, he so nonchalantly confirmed what the site would be used for, and second of all, the site is overseen by Eglin Air Force Base, a large 640 square mile base located 60 miles east of Pensacola, not McDill, our local base in the Tampa Bay area,” Jeff Blask said.

This demonstrated to him, on his own grassroots level, that the military is now taking the UAP issue seriously.

UAP – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, the new term in the U.S. now refers to UFOs as Unidentified Flying Objects. In this primitive way, by replacing the letters, the U.S. government and the U.S. military have “changed the subject” and thus fended off decades of discrediting everything related to UFO sightings.

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