U.S. Air Force scientist: “They’re already here! Giant alien ships delivered by carrier ships are entering our world through the portal”.

Hyperspectral remote sensing, also known as imaging spectroscopy, is a technique being explored by scientists to detect and identify minerals, terrestrial plants, and man-made materials and landscapes.
The method will be used on the James Webb Space Telescope, scheduled for launch in December, which will provide a glimpse into the depths of the universe.

Frederick Portigal is the world’s leading scientist with extensive experience in this technique.

Frederick was responsible for developing the process chain for the Fourier Transform Hyperspectral Imager (FTHSI), the first hyperspectral sensor launched into orbit by the US Air Force Research Laboratory/RVBYI. He created a mathematical model to simulate space-based observations to be made using Landsat 7 data.

Portigal led a USDA-sponsored study to evaluate hyperspectral imaging for Pierce’s disease (PD) detection on California grapes.

Frederick Portigal previously worked for such organizations as the Air Force Research Laboratory, Boeing, Northrop Grumman and the National Science Foundation.

Frederick Portigal has a message for our world – giant alien ships are entering Earth through a portal.

Frederick Portigal: “There would be no plasma field if they were in synchronous orbit outside the atmosphere. The lower they are in the atmosphere, the more energy they have to use to appear to be in a star reference frame. So I think they are in the ionosphere, which allows me to estimate the width of the mothership’s plasma field at about 250 meters.”

According to former Boeing lead engineer Frederick Portigal, the aliens use wormhole penetration technology and these plasma-like UFOs are traveling at 48,000 kilometers per hour near Earth’s surface.

Portigal’s telescopic video captured amazing appearances of plasma-like objects flying at incomprehensible speeds in the vicinity of Petroglyph National Monument near Albuquerque, New Mexico. His telescope was in Sandia Heights with a range of about 15 miles.

Shortly after the DNI submitted a report to Congress on unidentified aerial phenomena, Portigal wrote on LinkedIn expressing his frustration over the lack of clarity in the government’s efforts.

“I have decided that the recent congressional report on UFOs lacks detail regarding the ‘extraterrestrial’ category, given what I have provided to NASIC and DIA. I am compelled to go directly to the people. They need to know.

They have all this data that proves that there are giant motherships infiltrating our world with smaller ships on board and leaving the motherships and staying here and the motherships leaving and coming back with new cargo. This has been going on since at least 2008, when we first recorded their appearance.

The military and the government have all the information and are now watching the continued expansion of the aliens to Earth themselves. Why are they transporting their ships to us in such large numbers? Why is the government silent about this?”

According to Portigal, the Department of Defense has created a special hyperspectral telescope that they call “alien hunting binoculars.”

The technology is based on Frederick’s personal telescope and was perfected using $750,000 from the Air Force Research Laboratory.

According to Frederick, the video from his own telescope was published on a platform that uses blockchain technology to prevent evidence manipulation.

The video begins by focusing on a white sphere – such glowing orbs are very often observed by many UFO eyewitnesses in our sky, but they do not see what is hidden behind this plasma screen.

Simply put, the intense energy gathered in one visible location looks to the naked eye like a strongly illuminated ball. Once the Frederick sensor can analyze the plasma and estimate the volume of gases, it can build a picture of the object hidden behind the plasma shell, showing the true outlines of the pyramid-shaped and other various forms of UFOs that have been dropped by the large mothership.

The telescope is an 8-inch Newtonian reflector by Calestron, with a Celestron Solar System Imager. The video camera is a Celestron NexImage with a philips toucan lens, which is not designed for the telescope eyepiece.

Frederick’s technical report accompanying the video can be viewed here. According to Frederick, this is absolute proof that aliens are already here.

“You have to understand what this is about – I have developed technology with which you can see alien ships. This technology I developed officially and the military, with the support of the government, invested in it and improved it to make a ‘binoculars for detecting alien ships’ for themselves.

I first discovered these motherships entering our world through wormholes (portals) and dropping their cargo, smaller ships, back in 2008. Why people are not told about the fact that alien ships invisible to ordinary people are penetrating our world. What is their purpose? What are they doing? What are they preparing for?

Perhaps it is evidence of mining on our planet by aliens, but who knows what is in the cargo that materializes and passes through the wormholes after the mothership leaves?

It’s not just one ship. They are giant alien ships hidden from our eyes by their cloaking technology, which one by one materialize in our skies and drop other ships.

The U.S. has officially acknowledged the existence of UFOs in our skies. That’s good, but they said “A” without saying “B” – they left a shadow of a doubt saying they don’t know whose vehicles they are and the Pentagon didn’t use the definition of “extraterrestrial.”

And this at a time when they have been watching giant alien craft infiltrate our world on a daily basis since 2008!”

U.S. Air Force scientist: “They’re already here! Giant alien ships coming through the portal into our world, delivered by carrier ships,” image #17

Portigal added another comment about the extraterrestrial ships:

“They travel through wormholes, and another possibility is a portal between parallel universes.”

“Meanwhile, across the abyss of space, beings with highly evolved, cold, emotionless intelligences were looking at Earth with eyes full of envy and slowly but surely working out their plans hostile to us.”-Herbert Wells, The War of the Worlds

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