UFO camouflaged in a cloud discovered in Missouri, USA

A local resident discovered a very strange looking cloud in the sky that did not move at all the way clouds should do according to the laws of nature.

The cloud of dark color and unusual shape moved at a low height and did not depend at all on the direction of the wind.

There was a solid object inside the cloud, which was surrounded by this cloudy envelope masking it. In addition, at some point, a small black object flew up to this “cloud”.

An eyewitness chased this “cloud” for a long time, trying to catch up with it in his car. You can clearly see how the object inside the cloud controls its position in the air, tilting it to one side or the other.

The faster the cloud flies, the more of its shape it should lose due to the speed of the oncoming air flow, but this does not happen and the cloud masking around the object remains.

Date: September 9, 2020
Place of Recovery: De Perez, Missouri, USA

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