UFO Landing and Alien Appearance in Las Vegas

There was an interesting development in a strange event that occurred in the United States at the end of April. A story about it was shown on TV, including a recording of a 911 call from a family of frightened locals.

The frightened family called 911 to report “inhuman beings” they were seeing near their home. The unusual events began around 11:50 p.m. on April 30, when the family witnessed an unidentified object land on their property.

The bright object descended and illuminated everything around it with blue light, and then landed (witnesses thought it was an emergency landing), and two strange “entities” emerged from the UFO.

“There is a creature figure about two and a half meters tall next to the ship, and there is another one inside and they have big eyes and they are looking at us – and they are still there,” one family member said during the emergency call.

“So you have two people in your backyard, two subjects?” – the dispatcher asked.

“That’s right, and they’re really big. In my backyard. I swear to God, this isn’t a joke, this is for real – we’re terrified,” the caller replied.

“They’re two and a half to three feet tall. They look like aliens to us. Big eyes. They have big eyes. I can’t explain it, and also a very big mouth. They are 100% not human,” the frightened man reported.

Interestingly, numerous residents claimed to have seen something glowing as it flew down through the sky that evening, including a Las Vegas police officer who captured the object on his body-worn camera. According to the American Meteor Society, eyewitnesses in eastern California, Nevada and Utah reported seeing a glowing object streaking across the night sky.

Journalists also obtained footage from a police drone showing a clear indentation on the ground near the house from which the 911 call was made, from a disk-shaped object that had left its mark on the surface.

The Metropolitan Police call log, obtained by 8 News Now journalists, shows that several other family members confirmed to police the sighting of the glowing object, its landing, the strange creatures and the footprint on the ground.

A dispatcher dispatched two officers to the house to check it out. Reporters obtained video from both officers’ body cameras.

“I’m so nervous right now,” one officer said as he prepared to drive to the house. “Bro I feel bad, I saw a glowing object falling, and now these people are saying they have aliens in their backyard.”

Officers arrived at the house about a half hour after the 911 call.

“What did you see?” – One of the officers asked the witness.

“It was a big creature,” said one of the witnesses.

– A big creature? – The officer asked.

“Yes, over three meters tall,” the witness replied.

“One of my partners said he also saw something falling from the sky,” the officer said.

The video shows one officer walking to the backyard to investigate, but Metro police blacked out that part of his bodycam video, citing privacy laws.

“I don’t believe in UFOs, but what I saw right now, it really happened,” a police witness said.

“You guys look seriously freaked out, so I don’t blame you,” the officer replied.

False emergency calls in Nevada are a category felony. A conviction can carry a prison sentence of one to four years. So those who called 911 really saw what they were talking about.

As of June, the police investigation had not provided specific answers. Since then, the case has not yet been closed. The family said police representatives returned to the house within days to investigate.

Representatives from nearby Creech and Nellis air bases said they were not involved in the incident and offered to contact city police.

It’s a very interesting incident. Only we still won’t know the truth. Obviously, the authorities are not anxious to give publicity to what happened, and most likely it will end up in a few broadcasts on the local TV channel.

The question that constantly arises when it comes to UFOs and extraterrestrial presence on earth – why do the authorities always classify what happened and make efforts not to establish the truth, but to silence witnesses.

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