UFO over a military base in California: Witnesses saw a triangular object with five red lights

In April 2021, a mysterious phenomenon occurred at Camp Wilson military base in California. According to the testimony of about 50 Marines, a huge unidentified flying object (UFO) appeared over the base. Observers described it as black and triangular, with five red lights around the edges. The object hovered in place for about 10 minutes, then quickly disappeared as flares were fired into the sky to illuminate its position.

According to the podcast “Weaponized,” hosted by Jeremy Corbell and George Napp, witnesses were “dumbfounded” by the UFO that “appeared out of nowhere.” One participant in the event took a picture of the object, which showed a black triangle under red lights. He stated that it was definitely not any rockets or illuminating charges.

Marines estimated the object to be about the size of a stealth bomber or half the length of a soccer field. After the UFO disappeared, dozens of military helicopters arrived on the scene and circled over the mountainous desert terrain around the base for several hours.

One witness suggested that the government was searching for the UFO after it disappeared. “I’m trying to figure out what it was,” he said. “I’ve never seen anything like it. After the flares were fired over the UFO, it just turned the lights off, went black, and then helicopters started flying toward it, and it suddenly just disappeared.”

According to Pentagon’s annual report, there was an increase in UFO sightings in 2021. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) collected reports of 144 such sightings in the 17 years to March 2021. In the next 17 months, 366 new sightings were reported, more than double the 17-year total.

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