UFO: The mystery of abductions – who is the victim and who is the parasite?

We’ve all heard stories of aliens abducting earthlings, allegedly trying to create hybrid offspring. This topic has been the basis for many books and movies, causing alarm. But what if none of this is what it seems? What if aliens are not coming to us from distant planets, but are right next to us, in our own environment?

It is hypothesized that UFOs and the abduction phenomenon are related. UFOs are thought to be vehicles used by abductors to accomplish their tasks. But where do they come from? Could they be based in underground or underwater facilities right here on Earth?

One theory explains the abductions by saying that the aliens suffer from a genetic disease that has robbed them of their ability to reproduce naturally. Their only hope is an infusion of human DNA. However, scientists doubt the possibility of genetic compatibility between humans and aliens, comparing it to trying to mate a human with an insect.

More advanced aliens, who are apparently thousands of years ahead of us in development, must have knowledge of genetic engineering that surpasses ours. Therefore, the idea of abducting humans to obtain genetic samples seems absurd.

However, recent discoveries in transgenic engineering give us the ability to do the impossible. Perhaps aliens use similar methods, but that still doesn’t explain why they choose to abduct humans rather than use more advanced methods.

Perhaps aliens do not come to us from far away, but are our close neighbors. Perhaps they are bound to us by common territories and use tricks to divert our attention from their presence near us. Their interest in our genetics may indicate a long-standing kinship.

In the end, we can only guess and hypothesize. But one thing is certain – the world of riddles and mysteries is far from exhausted. Human history is full of unsolved mysteries, and alien abductions are just one of them.

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