UFOs and crash of BE-200 in Turkey

According to Turkish media reports, on August 14, a lightning strike in Kahramanmarash caused a fire in the mountains near the city of Adana, located in the southern part of Turkey, 50 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea on the bank of the Seyhan River.

Authorities sent two helicopters and a BE-200 firefighting aircraft rented from Russia to extinguish the fire. The aircraft had drawn water from a reservoir located near the city and had begun to climb, but then it made an unscheduled water discharge and sharply turned toward the mountain range and crashed into it and exploded.

Three videos taken at the time of the accident by local residents have been posted online. In the first video, the plane was taking in water and beginning to gain altitude to fly to the point of dumping it on the fire.

In the second video, the plane is climbing, but then drops water and disappears behind a mountain, after which a column of smoke from the explosion and a ball-shaped object can be seen hovering near the ridge on the other side of the peak.

The third video shows a BE-200 flying along a mountain, dumping water and sharply veering off to the right towards the mountainside into which it crashed. Why the pilots did not turn to the left where there were no mountains and where it was possible to try to take measures for landing, we will leave this to be investigated by the commission sent to deal with this.

We are interested in the UFO in the second video. My first thought when watching it was a balloon, which are usually attached with cables to power lines, to scare the birds and to indicate the location of these lines to the pilots. But in the media, an abridged version of the original video was posted.

I managed to find the original uncut version and there it becomes obvious that this is not a balloon tied to the power lines but an object without any cables going down, an object which is much higher than the power lines and furthermore it is located much further away from the power lines.

In the original video, in addition to the original shots where the operator shoots with zoom on the plane, there is a shot without zoom (it is cut out in all media) which shows that the UFO is further away from the power line and has nothing to do with it. The object is farther, higher and its dimensions, although it is difficult to determine them with great accuracy, are at least 15 meters across.

The object is not a perfectly round ball, but rather two objects connected to each other, one reflects light (glare), the second (bottom) remains completely black. The surface of the object is uneven, but has a constantly changing contour with appearing protrusions.

When watching this video with the function of slowing down and zooming in the video, as well as applying the “relief” filter, at certain moments you can see that the UFO is releasing small objects.

I have looked through Turkish social networks where this crash is discussed and locals, including Aden, ask each other, “What is that balloon in the sky?”. This is to the point that attempts to explain this object by a ball on the power lines are not confirmed even by those people who live there and they should know about the “balls on the power lines”.

Below you can watch all three videos, as well as video with slowing down and zooming, with a filter “relief”, to try to explain what kind of UFO was observed in the same area and at the same moment when BE-200 crashed.

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