UFOs and military helicopter activity observed over Boston, Massachusetts, USA

“Around 6 p.m. on Friday, August 20, I went out on our balcony facing north toward Boston to talk to my father on the phone. The sky was clear except for some small light clouds. Suddenly I noticed two blackhawk helicopters flying southwest of Boston, which was a strange sight.

I had lived here for almost five years and had seen overflights during military exercises, but never two such helicopters. They turned around and flew back toward the city. This happened several times while I was on the phone. I called my brother out on the balcony to watch them. He filmed them and then went back into the house. Throughout the whole event there was a rumbling sound, we actually heard it from inside before I came out.

I was having a nice conversation with my dad, I was using Airpods, and I decided to look around to see if there were any other military planes, maybe the one that was making the noise. I looked straight up, 90 degrees overhead, and saw objects. There were four that I could see.

They were hovering at a high altitude. They were shimmering, but not in sequence, as if a reflection from the sun was appearing in them. One or two of them seemed to be colored, red and some kind of green. They were not the lights of the right or left side of the plane. We can see flights from the airport here, and it was nothing like that. I’d also like to point out that we are at the highest point in Boston.

My view is unobstructed. I called my brother to observe the objects with me. He confirmed that he could see them, brought his binoculars, and we watched them hover and move smoothly for about 20 minutes. The helicopters kept circling. Then we watched an A10 Warthog military aircraft fly over to the southwest at low altitude.

All the while, commercial airplanes were visible at different altitudes and directions. We did not observe any planes on the flight path. My brother is a veteran police officer, an experienced observer, a skeptic and a no-nonsense man, and he confirmed that he saw what I did.

We observed a commercial airliner at high altitude flying between the objects and our field of view, so they must have been above average commercial altitude. There were no jet trails either.”

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