UFOs may be a hidden ancient civilization

Is it possible that UFOs are not just aliens, aliens from a parallel universe or people from the future, but an ancient civilization that has only now decided to make itself visible? This is one of the theories advanced by Wisconsin Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher (USA). In his appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Gallagher explored various assumptions regarding the origin of UFOs.

One of the most famous theories is the “Terminator” theory, which states that UFOs are actually people from the future. However, Gallagher put forward another hypothesis: perhaps there is an ancient civilization, which has only now begun to manifest itself. This assumption raises a lot of questions and interest.

One of his interlocutors compared this theory to the “Transformers” franchise, where a mechanical extraterrestrial race seeks refuge on Earth. And the life span of members of this civilization exceeds millions of years. Could it be that ancient civilizations, which we think are extinct, actually still exist and are watching us?

This is a sensible idea and it is amazing how the American senator came up with it in the first place. Most likely, he didn’t come up with it by himself and it is not a revelation from the depths of space in his brain, but just a thoughtful injection of information, which should prepare the public for the future announcement. What’s that? That’s what he’s talking about – there’s a parallel civilization on planet Earth. Ancient. Technologically far superior to human beings. Which has been hiding for some reason, and now plans to declare itself and perhaps its rights to planet Earth.

However, Gallagher also warned of the possibility that UFO sightings could be the result of advanced technology developed by hostile nations (Oh – yes, yes, the old theme song. Just to inflate the cost of military spending. If any country had such technology, they would use it without a second thought. No one has or can have such technology. Mankind is just not mature enough to use it.) He noted that his concerns about the development of Chinese weapons were his initial interest in the topic of UFOs. Perhaps other countries, such as China and Russia, also have alien technology (Who would doubt that the U.S. would look for any way to exacerbate an external threat from its geopolitical adversaries. These words of the Senator should not be taken seriously).

Gallagher also mentioned Senator Marco Rubio’s statement that those testifying about the discovered ships had significant government permits but feared for their work if they became public. This underscores the stigma and fear associated with discussing UFOs and speaking openly. ( How interesting, the stigma is there and the perpetrators are kind of gone? You are the ones who created this “stigma,” you are the ones who have lambasted and ridiculed the UFO topic, you are the ones who have called ufologists crazy in tinfoil hats. YOU! Oh, now it means that you just renamed UFOs to UAP and that’s it – hands clean, problem solved)?

Gallagher stressed the need to normalize discussions about UFOs and to overcome the stigma that prevents open discussion of the subject. He noted that many people, including fighter pilots, face ridicule and fear of being dismissed as crazy or conspiracy theory proponents (“Conspiracy theory”? That’s another “stigma,” by the way. A huge number of “conspiracy theories” later turned out to be true!) Open discussion is the first step in the right direction.

After all, the question of the origin of UFOs remains open.

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