UFOs on the “Inspiration 4” mission

On September 19, SpaceX announced the successful completion of the first-ever Inspiration 4 space mission: the tourists embarked on a three-day expedition into space without a professional crew on board, and as it turned out it was good, as non-professionals began posting videos from Earth orbit without bothering to edit out the “anomalies” caught in it.

Flying into space (the ticket price is about $200 million) were Jared Isaacman, a billionaire (the businessman recruited three people to his team whom he had not previously known), physician assistant Haley Arsenault, data engineer Chris Sembroski and Professor Sian Proctor.

It was Chris Sembroski who tweeted a short video taken while in Earth orbit on September 25. He captioned it, “The sun reflects off the ground, then comes out of the dome.

But attentive viewers noticed not only the shadow of the Sun, but also a UFO flying in the frame on a very unusual trajectory, which excludes the possibility that it is space debris or a satellite. The UFO generally behaved like those UFOs that have been observed recently in the Earth’s sky – changing its shape and resembling living creatures made of liquid metal.

I want to remind lovers of all UFOs to see birds, that it happens in the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere, where there are no birds and insects and can not be.

The ship “Dragon” lifted the astronauts to an altitude of 590 km. This is about 160 km above the orbit of the International Space Station, and 50 km above the Hubble Space Telescope.

The video posted by Chris Sembroski includes an unusual object visible in the frame. Interestingly, after the UFO was spotted and the comments started asking what this spiral anomaly visible in space was, Chris quickly deleted his tweet.

It turned out to be useless, as his video had already been copied and spread and he later reinstated the tweet with the video.

I can’t say anything about the spiral anomaly, but there’s no doubt that a UFO was caught in the frame – the trajectory, sharp deceleration and acceleration, all indicate that an extraterrestrial vehicle was clearly caught in the frame.

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