Unidentified space object entered the dense layers of the Earth’s atmosphere above Zimbabwe

On August 24, residents of South Africa (Zimbabwe) witnessed an unusual phenomenon. An object appeared in the sky at an angle entering the Earth’s atmosphere with a “fiery tail” behind it, but the object was moving ahead and was not engulfed in flames from passing through the dense layers of the atmosphere.

A local resident described what happened: “So, what appeared in the sky was moving north from JHB, Centurion, PTA and … is that the same thing that fell in Bulawayo two minutes later? Is that even possible?”

Bulawayo is Zimbabwe’s second largest city after the capital Harare. Pre-revolutionary sources sometimes used the name Gubuluwayo.

Unfortunately, Zimbabwe is not a country where everyone walks around with smart phones and it is very difficult to get information about whether an object really fell in the area of a major city. From the facts we have three videos taken by locals on cell phones.

Scientists rushed to explain what happened as a meteorite, meteoroid or bolide, but it is enough to look at the video to understand that this is neither.

It is obvious that some object passed through the dense layers of the Earth’s atmosphere without any damage. This object was the leading one and was moving ahead. Smaller objects can be seen behind it, which are enveloped in flames from the impact of the atmosphere.

It is difficult to judge the nature of the object(s) without enough high-quality video, but it is definitely not a bolide, meteorite or meteoroid (Zimbabwean scientists forgive me).

As a result, we have two versions of what these objects (objects) belong to – the landing on Earth of a UFO from outer space, some earthbound spacecraft, and this machine is quite large.

The space agencies have not yet given any comments and have not confirmed the fall of a spacecraft or space debris.

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