Unknown forces attacked an alien spaceship orbiting Earth

This fact will be of interest primarily to those who are seriously interested in the topic of UFOs and aliens on Earth. Quite recently, this topic with the filing of the authorities of all countries were ridiculed in the media, but after the recognition of the UFO phenomenon by the “hegemon” in the face of the United States, all those scientists, astronomers, all sorts of “experts” ridiculed the topic of UFOs in their articles in the media and on TV, now sharply changed their shoes and write scientific articles about the phenomenon of UAP. Yes, just like that – they renamed UFOs to UAP and it’s done, as there were not all those years of denigration of UFOs and persecution of those who studied them seriously.

So, this case is very interesting. The events in the video took place in 1991, and were recorded by cameras of the American shuttle mission STS-48 / Discovery.

For the common man on the video only dots, but the video – the Earth’s orbit and we see how from deep space (not from the Earth’s atmosphere where the ISS hangs out and where the American shuttles crawled) in Earth orbit comes a spaceship (a real spaceship capable of flying in open space) – a spaceship of extraterrestrial civilization. Why extraterrestrial? We consider our – human civilization to be earthly, and it has no technology that allows it to travel through space – through open space, accordingly, the arrived ship is extraterrestrial.

The unknown spacecraft does not just arrive, it sharply reduces speed and slows down to almost a complete stop at the entrance to Earth orbit and immediately it is shot from the ground from unknown and quite probably – energy weapons. By the way… the video shows a sort of “stargate” from which this ship emerges. Pay attention to the luminous “dots” in the shape of a circle from which the ship flies out.

The extraterrestrial ship detects this salvo and almost from the spot, after a complete stop, picks up speed (incredible technology) and flies off into outer space. The salvo does not reach the target, the spaceship reacted too quickly to the attack and its technology allowed it from the ground to develop such speed, which in a split second took it away from danger. This shot can be seen in the video, you can see that the volley is fired from the ground. The weapon is very advanced, the speed of the “projectile” is amazing and only the superior technology of the “alien” allowed it to avoid destruction.

As a result, we have:

1) An alien spaceship arriving in Earth’s orbit from outer space
2) Instant aggressive reaction of an unknown force from the surface of the earth, which detected the arrival and immediately fired a volley of unknown weapons to destroy the guests from space.

Logical questions – who on earth possesses such weapons? It is obviously not us, human civilization did not have in 1991 and does not have anything like that now. Then who fired this volley? Who defends our planet and does he defend it in good faith? It turns out that we are not the real masters of the Earth, but some third force, which does not show itself openly on the planet, which we consider our own, but which actually controls it and who to let on it and who not to let on. And what is more, this third force considers itself entitled to attack spaceships of other extraterrestrial civilizations.

I highly doubt this third force is a good samaritan protecting the planet. They’re more like prison guards, but who gave them the right to decide for us who to accept on the planet and who to shoot? We’re not being asked, so what do we even matter on this planet called Earth?

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