When we come into contact with an alien civilization: scientists’ calculations

Each of us has probably wondered whether there are other intelligent life forms in the universe. Scientists have been searching for an answer to this question for a long time, and seem to be getting closer and closer to it. One of the famous Russian astrophysicists, Sergei Lipunov, has calculated when we can cross paths with alien civilizations.

It is known that the universe is huge and infinite, and we do not yet know much about what happens in its depths. Nevertheless, scientists have already been able to discover many planets in other star systems that may be similar to Earth and capable of supporting life. But how do we find those who live there?

Sergei Lipunov and his colleagues suggested several ways to search for alien civilizations. One of them is the use of radio signals. If alien civilizations exist, they can use radio waves to communicate with each other. Such signals can be detected on Earth using radio telescopes. However, as scientists point out, this could be time-consuming and expensive.

Another way is to observe planets that are in the habitable zone of a star. If such a planet has an atmosphere containing oxygen and carbon dioxide, this could indicate the presence of life. But again, this is not as easy as it sounds. At the moment, scientists do not have the technical capability to observe such planets at a high enough resolution.

A third way is to use lasers to transmit messages. Scientists speculate that alien civilizations may use lasers to communicate with each other. Such messages can be detected on Earth, but again, this is costly and time-consuming.

But when can we cross paths with alien civilizations? Sergei Lipunov calculated that if we use lasers to transmit messages, by 2050 we will be able to make contact with another civilization. However, as scientists point out, this is still just a guess, and no one knows what awaits us in the future.

But even if we find an alien civilization, the question arises – how to communicate with it? After all, we may not understand their language and culture. Scientists are also trying to find answers to this question. For example, some suggest using mathematical formulas and symbols to transmit information.

Of course, all these calculations and assumptions are only part of what we know about the search for alien civilizations. But they do give us something to think about in the future. And who knows, maybe in a few decades we will discover other forms of life in the Universe.

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