Mysterious sound scares residents of the US state of New York

In the past few months in Bedford Styvesante, in Brooklyn, New York, people have complained about a strange, annoying noise. They hear this noise both outside and in their apartments, and the sound itself causes health problems.

Some conspiracy therapists believe that the symptoms of this noise are very similar to those described by American diplomats. Over the past two years, diplomats from the American embassies in Cuba and in China, according to their own statements, have heard annoying noises that have caused problems later. Dew Robbie, one of the inhabitants of Brooklyn, recorded a strange hum on the phone’s camera:

Just last week, 15 Brooklyn residents turned to the authorities with complaints on this issue. However, no action was taken as a result – the authorities could not find the source of the noise. This high rumble makes it stand out against the background of the usual sounds of the city, and due to the constant impact it negatively affects the condition of people. Some have symptoms similar to a hangover, while others complain of a throbbing pain in the head.

Many argue that, in addition to mental stress, they feel pressure on the nasal sinuses. Even locked windows and doors do not save the situation – the sound easily penetrates through them. A similar phenomenon was already recorded in March 2019 in Michigan. The most radical conspiracy therapists are confident that the authorities are testing sound weapons on civilians.

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